A Garden of Follies

Client Name:- Incubis Consultants / Siddharth Sareen

Location:- Kapashera, New Delhi

Landscape Area:- 9.4 Acres / 38,000 sq.m

Type of Project:- Landscape

Status:- In various stages of planning and execution since 2006

This is a sprawling private residence opposite the Fun-n-Food Village in south-west Delhi. A guest house and office form two of the principle uses of the building on the site. The landscape is accordingly cleaved into two zones – a functional garden for office parties, business luncheons and official conclaves, and a more relaxed and eccentric garden which is to form the pièce de résistance of the landscape.

A large rectilinear colonnade and very well articulated wall suddenly (and out of nowhere) appear in the scheme, defining a semi-enclosed (and highly articulated) lap-pool in a secluded part of the garden. There is also a large rabbit enclosure.

Ten follies, in polished stainless steel and with parts in lacquered yellow, red and Prussian blue, also make their magical entrée in the garden, with no apparent purpose, but to cause a fair amount of commotion and to give the project its name! The follies follow a strict regimen of proportioning based on the red and blue series of Corbusier’s modulor. The scheme is redolent of Bernard Tschumi’s very public and gigantic Parc de Villette, as vibrant in its eccentricity as in its formal and metaphorical rigor, albeit at a miniature private garden scale. Theatre it seems, is the undertone of this design, and theatrics its raison d'être.