A Garden of Sacred Geometries

Client Name:- Incubis Consultants / Essar Oil Limited

Location:- Vadinar, Jamnagar District, Gujarat

Total Build-Up Area:- 8.5 Acres

Type of Project:- Landscape

Status:- Landscape

Functionally speaking, the clients needed a pleasure garden as an adjunct to the Oil Refinery complex. the use of the employees and management of the Oil refinery this garden is an oasis, as the refinery situated within the dry arid landscape of the Saurashtra region of Gujarat Maintaining a provision for a temple or place of meditation and prayer in the centre of the garden, the garden is a work of sacred architecture.

Taking these objectives into account, a concept which combined the Persian/Mughal concept of a Garden of Paradise, and a grid derived from the hallowed geometry of a Hindu temple spire became the twin conceptual weft-and-weave of the design.

The walled oasis of the Baagh-E-Shahzadeh at Mahan in Iran provided a beautiful parallel in terms of the physical context of the site. Strong metaphorical influences for laying out the garden ranged from the traditional influences of the Garden of Jodh-Bai in Amber, Jaipur and the Stepped tank of the Sun Temple at Modhera, to the contemporary influence of the stepped flower garden at Awaji Yumebutai, Japan, designed by Tadao Ando.

The end result was a syncretic design of sublimities – syncopated walkways, lotus pools and water channels, fruit and flower groves, and an open-air theatre for get-togethers and festival gatherings of the oil refinery fraternity. Amidst the centre of the design is an ornamented platform which will be the receptacle for the future temple.

To hydrate such a large garden in such an arid part of Gujarat, the most forward looking drip irrigation techniques were adopted, along with various other water saving stratagems.