BDA Connect

Client Name:- BDA Connect / Mr. Kunal Bajaj

Location:- Pitampura, New Delhi

Total Build-Up Area:- 2,800 sq.ft

Type of Project:- Interiors

Status:- Interiors

BDA Connect's office posed the challenge of upgrading an already operational office while the office continued to operate from the same premises. All work had to be phased to ensure that no more than 35% of the office was blocked at any given times for renovation works. Benchmarking to other international offices of BDA across Asia while holding its own, the client was willing to try unconventional details with playful materials (such as a partition constructed of glass marbles).

The company being in the mobile telephony and communications space, facilitated use of advanced integrated communication frameworks and data management in the office space, comparing to few others in the country, in this office size segment.

The design concept attempted to nuance the impression of a multinational corporate setting up in India, an International brand fraternizing with Indian sensibilities.