Farmhouse / Suburban Villa

Client Name:- Not disclosed on request

Location:- Noida

Total Build-Up Area:- 6000 sq.ft / 560 sq.m,
Site Area:-
2 Acres / 8,000 sq.m

Type of Project:- Architecture

Status:- In Concept Stages

The large sprawling suburban villas of the Delhi-National Capital Region are euphemistically called 'Farmhouses'. Very rarely are they farms. They are the post-modern day equivalents of the country mansion,the weekend homes of present day business czars, investment bankers and stock-market tycoons.

This single storey house is conceived a simple linear mass, hinting at inspiration from Glenn Murcutt's massing proportions. The spaces within the house are largely transparent on two or three sides. The sharp linear lines of the large glazed fa├žade and porches, decks and verandahs, are softened by a soldier-like row of multi-ball topiary trees of Ficus Benjamina (Weeping Ficus). The roof is rakish and butterfly shaped in section, setting up an engaging visual dialogue of light, shadow and reflections.

The house commands its suzerainty over a garden of many splendored palms and cycases, circular water bodies and pools. Looking inwards, a square central courtyard, creates the quiet and contemplative entrance into the house.

Completely conceived of steel and prefabricated wall, floor and ceiling components, the house also challenges various construction paradigms of residential construction in the Delhi-NCR region.