Farmhouse / Suburban Villa

Client Name:- Not disclosed on request

Location:- Noida, Sector 135

Total Build-Up Area:- 12,900 sq.m approximately
Site Area:-
3.2 Acres

Type of Project:- Landscape

Status:- In Concept Stages

The entire design is conceived as a symphony of circles – a number of landscape pools, garden bosquets, parterres and garden seats are circles of various diameters, a galaxy of round objects and spaces. Within all this, the pride of place is occupied by the house, which contrasts strongly with its linear mass of glass and steel.

The linear infinity lap pool and the tennis court are the only two other rectangular elements in this otherwise circular universe.

The client adores palms, especially the Date Palm, the Washingtonia Robusta and the Cycas Revoluta and Circinalis, and keeping this in mind, the landscape scheme is a carefully selected bouquet of various palm garden concepts from various parts of the world. Avenues of Royal Palms, a dense cluster of Areca palms and a parterre of cycads all find their happy home in this palm paradise.