House with the Yellow Door

Client Name:- Monika Khanna Gulati and Amit Krishn Gulati

Location:- Nirvana County, Gurgaon, Haryana

Total Build-Up Area:- 5000 sq.ft / 470 sq.m

Type of Project:- Architecture

Status:- Completed in November 2011

The brief was simple – to convert an existing nondescript single storey builder house into a minimal and handsome 2½ storey house for a designer and his artist wife.

Starting with sketches which were heavily influenced by the Villa La Roche, the Villa Stein de Monzie of Le Corbusier and Adolf Loos’ minimalist credo, the design eventually evolved into an idiom which combined burnished brick tiles and exposed concrete with large planes of tinted glazing fitted on bronze coloured sliding aluminium window sections and railings of glass, steel and wire-rope.

There are many nods to Corbusier in the design – the plaster grooves where the folded-plate concrete staircase meets the walls, the water spout from the terrace, white terrazzo flooring with inlaid Italian marble pieces and stainless steel spacers, low relief-patterns cast into the exposed concrete and not least - a bright yellow main door (and a red one inside at the first level). All these elements were largely inspired by the artist-designer duo themselves – less a house, more a labour of love for them.

The top storey in rust-red painted steel set back from the main façade (opening onto a terrace with crazy tile flooring) adds interesting contrast to the brick and exposed concrete aesthetic of the lower floors.

A project many years in the making, it was a fantastic experience for Hexagramm, and one of our earliest commissions.