Luxury Garden around a Bungalow

Client Name:- Co-designed with Incubis Consultants

Location:- New Delhi

Total Build-Up Area:- 6,600 sq.ft approx. / 620 sq.m

Type of Project:- Landscape

Status:- Completed 2012

The client is a self-taught horticulturist himself with over 30 years of planting and garden design experience. This design invaluable educational experience of horticulture (such as becoming familiar with specimens of 400 year old Nolina Recurvata trees.

The design scheme consists of 3 spaces – a front lawn, a rambling garden walk on one side of the house and a raised cascade pool and twin dining decks at the rear of the house. The front lawn consists of two pergolas for seating overshadowed by giant Nolina trees with massive bases.

The rambling walk is proposed to be literally a forest with a dense planted canopy and undergrowth.

The rear yard is proposed to have a finely figured cascade wall towering over a reed/crocus pool. The highly symmetrical and axial design (mirroring the symmetry of the early post-colonial bungalow) features a formal dining deck with a stone dining table with a inset long pool in its centre, to keep company with a raised timber deck with a second outdoor dining area, informal, with a pergola on top, surrounded by dense planting.

The planting here is proposed to be more articulated and ordered, eschewing the wild charms of the rambling pathway.