Resort Nima in the Hills

Client Name:- Orchid Cuisines Pvt. Ltd.

Location:- Dhararmshala, Himachal Pradesh

Total Build-Up Area:- 20,000 sq.ft approx / 1860 sq.m

Type of Project:- Landscape

Status:- Currently in early construction stages

On a northern slope overlooking the awe-inspiring Dhauladhar peaks of Dharamshala, the seat of his Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Resort Nima is visualized as a tiny gem of exquisite beauty by the clients.

The site is small, north-facing, and with an extremely challenging gradient. The south side of the site tapers down gently into a forest of pines, with a brook running far below in the valley, which is always heard but never seen. The sound of the wind as it whistles through the pines at the top of the site - is heaven itself. The design brief envisions a Hotel at the top of the hill (the site, as already indicated, is at the top of a local hill formation), a wellness spa/rejuvenation centre and cottages for timeshare strung along a winding road on the lower reaches of the site.

Being at an arm’s length from the town centre of Dharamshala, the site not only enjoys uninterrupted views of the stunning Himalayan terrain, but also splendid calm and isolation.

‘Nima’, the name given to the project, means the ‘Sun’ in the Lhasa-Tibetan tongue. The site, being north facing, aspires to the sun, meditates on the sun and its warming rays. Likewise, the landscape for the resort-spa, seeks to create an immersive environment of contemplative Zen - a meditative and calming environment. In this, the twin ideas of Ensō (Zen circles of enlightenment) and WabiSabi (imperfection, impermanence and incompleteness) form the pivotal concepts around which the landscape develops.