Client Name:- Global Realty Ventures Limited (GRVL)

Location:- Suburban developments in Agra and Karnal

Total Build-Up Area:- 2,00,000 sq.ft / 18,600 sq.m – consisting of 2200 sq.ft. / 210 sq.m, 2700 sq.ft. / 250 sq.m and 3150 sq.ft / 295 sq.m row houses

Type of Project:- Architecture and Interiors

Status:- Prototype units completed in 2009

Envisaged as a row-house development project by the developer prior to the property market crash of 2009, the houses were meant to combine traditional Indian Haveli house proportions with contemporary sensibilities (syncopated stone cladding, large glazed openings with unhindered views), but shorn of any pseudo classicism that is the norm in middle and upper-middle strata residential developments in tier-two cities in India today.

The requirement was also to have a courtyard in the house, a traditional climatic and functional device that to this day forms the core and soul of most countryside homes in India. Each row-house would also benefit from front and back gardens, 3-sides open (even in the 2200 sq.ft unit) and be structured either as duplexes or simplexes. Thus the design combined the features of a courtyard house with that of a bungalow, an amalgam of two spatial ideas.

The openings were planned to be all square or compositions of modules of squares, the openings placed on the façade based on the Renard series of geometric progression.

The first few houses were being constructed when the recession hit in early 2009, delaying the project indefinitely.