Spire-TEC Office Complex

Client Name:- Millennium Spire / SPIRE-Tec Business Park

Location:- Tech Zone 1, Greater Noida

Total Build-Up Area:- 67,500 sq.ft

Type of Project:- Architecture + Landscape

Status:- Design Competition (2010-11)

7 office buildings were already in place (at least as a design proposal) when SPIRE-TEC announced a design competition in late 2010 for the ‘completion’ of the site into a cohesive whole, by filling the gaps in the master plan of the site.

It was clear from the outset that we had to challenge the competition brief. Either we would trail-blaze or our outrageous idea would be thrown into the dustbin. The latter came to pass of course!

The proposal in which intervention was sought had fragmented the site into numerous small buildings, with a regular grid of streets cutting through them. We felt this was a waste of a nearly square site, losing an opportunity to create a truly forward looking office complex.

We proposed a singular three-quarter donut as an office building, with half of the one-quarter open area of the donut occupied by a business hotel tower. The donut would be at its lowest on the north rising up gradually over the west to reach its maximum height on the south and south-east side.

The façade was a filigree network of a dia-grid framework with panels that could create more depth on the south face (allowing maximum shade) or lie flat on the north side (allowing maximum light). A similar origamized façade was planned for the hotel tower also, allowing green planters at every level, without compromising on the office floor-plate.

The core of the do-nut was planned as a large bio-diversity park which would become a green haven for the entire office complex - with a fruit orchard, a man-made lake and rolling greens. Consolidating the built-mass therefore, also allowed the consolidation of the slivered open spaces of the earlier scheme into a large green lung worthy of a office complex of this scale.

A scheme that further fragmented the site and made the open spaces even more piece-meal, was eventually chosen as the winning entry.