Thunderbird Resort and Casino

Client Name:- Daman Hospitality Private Limited (DHPL)

Location:- Daman (Union Territory of Daman and Diu)

Total Build-Up Area:- 10.5 Acres / 42,493 sq.m

Type of Project:- Landscape

Status:- In final stages of Completion, work ongoing since early 2009

The site is located in Daman, along a salt creek, which is a tongue of the Gulf of Khambhat (Gulf of Cambay) that stretches inland for a few kilometers. The salty and sultry climate of the Arabian sea defines the soil and climate of this site.

The design embodies geometry as an instrument of garden design. The building is clearly divided into two zones – a front wing which houses the Casino and a rear C-shaped quadrangle which houses the resort. Designed along the same functional lines, the landscape too has (a) a wide street front which is the entrance promenade leading to the Casino, (b) the creek side promenade which leads to the Resort entrance and (c) the vast internal court which forms the heart of the landscape (and of the resort).

The casino front embraces the square and triangle geometries as instruments for shaping the landscape – while the walkways, the paving grids and the planter beds take on these geometries happily, even the topiary plants morph into cube and conic shapes - taking the embrace to a literal extreme.

The courtyard which houses a number of splash and swimming pools, an open-air discotheque, a tot garden, restaurant decks and spa gardens is planned based on circles and wavy lines. All functions, forms and objects in the courtyard celebrate roundness and voluptuousness – including the grid of the foxtail palms and continuous lines of the rambunctious elephant ear shrubs.

Large varieties of flowering and fragrant trees have been proposed to be planted on the site, to provide colour (and give shade) to an otherwise stark white and grey monolithic architectural composition.

The creek front of the property, with its rising and ebbing tides of sea-water, laying bare the salt pans off and on, and lush marshy reeds,may be developed into an extension to the resort in the near future. Presently rows of royal palms stand as proud sentinels of the resort along the creek’s brackish edge.