Yogakshima Ashram

Client Name:- Indian Heritage Society / Ms. Nivedita Joshi

Location:- Shanti-Niketan, New Delhi

Total Build-Up Area:- 20,000sq.ft

Type of Project:- Interiors

Status:- Completed (2007)

The Yogakshima Ashram has been designed by the maverick virtuoso German architect Poppo Pingel of Auroville, Pondicherry, who has some interesting projects in Auroville to his credit, such as the Certitude House and the Franz House. Originally trained as a carpenter, his love of joinery and wood detailing find their way even into concrete!

Hexagramm’s role was to work on the interiors in synergy with Poppo’s vision of the exterior and the built-form. The pitched roofs were left exposed inside without resorting to the use of false ceilings, thus celebrating the structure of the roof inside the space, and allowing for expansive spaces. All internal details were aimed at accentuating the architecture and structure of the building. The warmth of honey and walnut coloured wood in the flooring and furniture was used to complement and contrast with the cold concrete of the roof and the beams. All surfaces were minimally treated to express the materials in their natural state.

The project also explored stone furniture, purpose designed and woven upholstery, and flooring patterns composed to give the effect of monolithic rock slices. All the furniture was designed (in form and texture) to dialogue harmoniously with the exposed structure around it.

The complex function of Institute+Shop+Residence was calibrated to allow complete privacy to the residence, easy access to the Institute and visibility and direct connection to the shop.